About the SHARED project

SHARED (Social Health And Reserve in the Dementia patient journey) is a 36 month project bringing together multiple longitudinal studies (>40 studies totaling nearly 150.000 individuals) that together capture the entire spectrum across the life course from cognitively healthy to severe dementia, and that have data available on social health, cognitive and brain reserve, brain imaging, environmental, physical and mental factors, and cognitive decline and onset of dementia. The quantitative analyses will be enhanced by using mixed methods, also performing qualitative studies to reveal additional relevant social factors and relations with cognitive reserve and function.

SHARED workflow and workplan

The project is organized into five work packages which are linked to each other, one administrative WP and four scientific WPs. Results and knowledge flow naturally from work package 2 to workpackage 5. Yet, we have ensured a circular workflow by having at the start of the project input from work package 5 feed into workpackage 2 (Figure). This way we ensure cross-talk and dissemination of results across the work packages and participating partners. From the consortium, methodology expert groups ensure coordination of the methodologies applied across the work packages.

Flow of work in SHARED